Nothing will make you feel more liberated, more vulnerable and more bold than solo travel. Stay adventurous.

God & Wanderlust

combines a passion for storytelling and roaming the earth in hopes to evoke you to go out and explore different places and thoughts.

Get inspired to travel, explore and capture beautiful moments in the world we live in. This website will guide you through different cities, often showcasing things (not) to do, hidden gems and the glory of solo travel.


Behind God & Wanderlust


Hey, I'm Samah. I'm a freelance writer who loves to explore and photograph new cities, interesting architecture and mountainous landscapes. You'll catch me ordering my daily dose of tea at a local cafe, dressed in black, in my comfy Nike Free RNs. Of course, with a camera in hand.

Writer. Thinker. Idealist.

It started early last summer. My 9-5 grind was coming to an end so I booked a flight to the United Arab Emirates, where I lived for a few month. Interacting with locals, being immersed in a different culture and following a different way of life was enlivening. I was hooked.

Read about real-life perspectives from a Muslim woman traveler. With a highly politicized identity, you will find a touch of politics throughout.

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