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God & Wanderlust is the by-product of merging two worlds—one pre-existing, igniting the other.


God – to have faith in oneself, one’s ability to overcome mental constraints and adapt. To trust God.


Wanderlust – the desire to experience people, landscapes and cultures so different from our own.


These two fundamentals ensemble the brand’s core, building stories that, at times, dwell deeper than a mere destination visit.


God & Wanderlust combines a passion for storytelling and roaming the earth in hopes to evoke you to go out and explore different places and thoughts.


Get inspired to travel, explore and capture beautiful moments in the world we live in. This website will guide you through different cities, often showcasing things (not) to do, hidden gems and the glory of solo travel.


Photographer and writer, Samah Khan, often travels the world solo to live unscripted and indulge in uninsulated experiences as a Muslim woman. With a highly politicized identity, you will find a touch of politics throughout.


Still curious? Visit God & Wanderlust on Facebook or get in touch.

GOD & WANDERLUST provides photography and digital media services. Contact us for more details.

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